Where are you located?
–My shop is located inside The ARTery in Five Points in Huntsville (816 Wellman Ave), just walk to the back.  I am usually there.  However, being that I am the only employee, I often have to leave to run errands.  The best thing to do is set up an appointment with me.

How do I get in contact with you?
–Several ways: You can contact me through Facebook message or my email address (vaughn.bocchino@gmail.com). You can also get a hold of me on my phone (256-337-8467).

How does choosing my frame, mats, etc. work?
–I require 100% artistic control so picking out frames and mats is a non-issue.

Wait, what?! I don’t get to pick out what my frame will look like?
–No. There are countless frameshops in this town that will gladly charge quite a bit of money for the mediocre frame job a customer picked out. They want to get you in and out of their shop with as little effort as possible. I take extreme pride in my work. Each piece is the result of undiluted planning and I feel that my work and the laudations of previous customers speak for themselves.

How much does it cost to get something framed?
–Framing, like most other things in life, can be cheap or expensive depending on a whole host of factors. On average I am comparable in price or even a little cheaper than big-box craftstores.

What are you qualifications?
–I am a Certified Picture Framer (C.P.F.) with fourteen years of experience.

Do you do everything yourself?
–Yes. For the most part, I, Vaughn Bocchino will complete 100% of your piece. On non-canvas pieces requiring work on cloth (e.g. needleart, tapestries, jerseys, dresses, etc.) I enlist the services of my wife, a seamstress and accomplished picture framer in her own right.

Is there anything that you can’t frame?
–Not really. However, I refuse to frame Thomas Kinkade prints/canvases.